Placenta Encapsulation

Jennifer has been providing services since March 2014 with over 80 placentas encapsulated and the only APPA certified encapsulation specialist in the Baton Rouge area.

Placenta encapsulation has been shown to help mothers avoid postpartum symptoms such as depression, low energy, fatigue, insufficient breast milk production and hormonal imbalance. Having your placenta processed into capsules could replenish the energy and nutrients you lost during pregnancy helping to avoid on lessen these challenges.

Placentas are picked up night or day from  Woman’s, Ochsner, Birth Center of Baton Rouge , Baton Rouge General, Lane, and local Homebirths.  I am available for distance homebirth pickup, hospitals in Lafayette and New Orleans, for an additional charge.  Placentas processed in my home are done after hours, and take approximately 24-48 hours to process from start to finish from the time of pick-up.  In-home processing is an option, but may be a longer process and is an additional fee.



Steaming, a.k.a Traditional Chinese Medicine,  encapsulation involves a short steaming with herbs such as ginger, lemon, and hot peppers.  The herbs are placed into the water, but never encapsulated with the placenta.

It is thought that by putting warming herbs into the water, it brings out the placentas natural healing properties, tonifying and healing.

Lemon is thought of as an antiseptic and helps to distribute the placenta throughout the body.

Cayenne/pepper and ginger are warming herbs and thought to lend their properties to the placenta.

Ginger specifically acts as a facilitator for energy and good blood flow.

If your placenta has been frozen, this is always the method of choice.

- RAW-


Raw encapsulation skips the steaming process all together and is set for dehydration while still “raw.” This process is only used within the first 48 hours after birth to ensure freshness and avoid the possibility of contamination.

Using the Raw method provides a burst of energy up front but does not often offer the longer, tonifying benefits of Steaming. Steaming also converts some nutrients to be absorbed which would normally be discarded raw.

Some indications for choosing Raw encapsulation would be: long labor, postpartum hemorrhage or history of it, desire to increase breast milk and energy immediately postpartum.  Raw can be combined with the Steaming method so that you receive half raw and half TCM.

*May want to avoid Raw prep if you have a history of strong anxiety/anxiety like symptoms.



Combine the benefits of both Steaming/TCM and Raw with either

1/2 of each process or 1/3 Raw, 2/3 Steamed.

In home services available for an additional $75. mileage fees may apply. Print & Cord Keepsake  free with placenta encapsulation service.

2 oz $25   |  4 oz $40

A placenta tincture is another way to reap the physical benefits from the placenta besides capsule form. Tinctures are mainly meant for energy, transition, stress, and hormone stabilization. They are great for symptoms related to returning menstrual cycles, menopause, and even puberty.

The biological mother and daughter of the birthing mom can also benefit from the tincture as it has an almost indefinite shelf life if stored properly. Mom may also give the tincture to a baby, male or female, older than 6 months for teething and transition.

Tincture is made from a thumbnail size piece of raw placenta and 100-150 proof alcohol, aged for 6 weeks postpartum and then strained. It is stored in a dropper bottle.

*Please let me know if you need an alternative alcohol or gluten free.



Utilizing the placenta, un-steamed, directly after birth is becoming an extremely popular step in a new mother’s postpartum healing.  A small thumbnail piece of raw placenta is easily blended in with any juice or smoothie recipe and mother’s report that the taste of the small placenta piece is unnoticeable!

14 pieces are individually prepared, wrapped, and stored for use. This preparation yields enough for 2 smoothies a day for the first week. This is a great natural remedy for postpartum bleeding and works very rapidly. Other benefits include rapid replacement of hormones, nutrients, and iron which aids in postpartum wellness.

*This option is available for placentas released within 48 hours after birth.
May want to avoid Raw prep if you have a history of anxiety/anxiety like symptoms.


2 oz $25   |   4 oz $35    | 8 oz  $45 

The placenta salve has many uses. It is used to heal Cesarean section incision after the wound is closed and lessen scarring, itching and discomfort. The salve can also be used as soon as 3 days postpartum for hemorrhoids, perennial tearing, burns, diaper rash, eczema, sunburns and skin irritations. It is safe for your baby as long as the baby has no skin allergies. All salves are made with local products.  Placenta powder may be premixed or provided for later mixing.


Jen is a member and certified encapsulation specialist with  The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts – APPA.    She initially received training through a peer with extensive experience as a placenta encapsulation specialist and able to consult with mentors as needed.   Jen holds her Food Handling standards license in the state of Louisiana, and her Bloodborne Pathogen Certification through OSHA.

**Jen takes pride in clients well being and safety, always cautious of cross contamination and proper sterilization. Placentas are labeled and kept in a small, private fridge with all encapsulation procedures taking place in a room away from her family’s living space.  No one enters the room from the start of encapsulation until your jar is sealed.

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