The word ‘doula’(/ˈduːlə/) derives from the ancient Greek meaning “a woman who serves” and today it refers to a woman (or a man, there are some!!) who aid a woman in pregnancy, birth, and post birth with  continuous presence, emotional care, comfort measures and an understanding of the laboring woman’s desires for her birth; or who provides emotional and practical support during the postpartum period.


Birth Doula + Encapsulation


Birth Doula Care
Placenta Encapsulation Service

Birth Doula + Baby Photography


Birth Doula Care
Fresh48 Photo Session (45 minutes)
*Not birth photography 

Silver Birth Package


Birth Doula Care
Placenta Encapsulation Service
Fresh48 Photo Session  (45 minutes)
*Not birth photography

Gold Birth Package


Birth Doula Care
Placenta Encapsulation Service
Birth Photography + Online Album

Birth Doula  


In-person consultation
2-3 prenatal visitsplus more if time permits
Rebozo techniques
One OB/midwife appt if needed
24/7 phone and email from hire date
Continuous & Unlimited labor support
One in-hospital visit after baby has arrived
One postnatal visit

 *$50 off with proof of childbirth education course 

Postpartum Care

$35/hour day, $45/hour night

Providing evidenced based information, to help a new family in those first days, weeks, and months after bringing home with a new baby.  Available for ages 0-3mo

  • Emotional & Physical Recovery from Birth
  • Mother–Baby Bonding
  • Basic Newborn Care
  • Infant Feeding
  • Infant Soothing
  • Basic Clean-up & Laundry
  • Meal prep

*15 hour minimum

Rebozo Visit

A Rebozo visit to non-doula clients  providing techniques to you and
your partner to be utilized in pregnancy or labor

45 minute  $75
90 minute  $120 

TENS Unit  

$15 – Doula Clients
$75 – Non-Client Rental, available starting at 39 weeks

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is an option available for women in labour to assist with pain relief. During pregnancy, you’ll probably be researching your options on pain relief, especially natural methods in order to reduce side effects and further interventions. – See more at:

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All clients have access to books or movies for 2 weeks at a time